The Statistical Accounts of Scotland 1791 - 1845

Viscount Thurso

Key Features

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Key Features

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The following are the key features associated with the service:


Quick Search
The quick search allows searching by parish name, county name or free text searching of the Account’s text.

Parish search
Locate a parish by searching by name or choosing from an A-Z list of county and parish names.

County Search
Locate a county by searching by name or choosing from an A-Z list of county and parish names.

County Map
Click on a county to locate county information.

Page Finder Facility
The Accounts may be searched by page and volume number.

Keyword Searching
The search feature allows searching of the complete text for keywords or groups of words. There are three lines of surrounding text that allows the user to judge if the reference is useful to them.

Approximate Searching
Approximate searches of all the text contained in the Accounts. This feature is useful if spelling is unknown or unclear, or variations of a word exist.

Display search results within context
View the scanned images either as a single page or as adjacent pages. It is also possible to view a scanned image and the associated transcript text together.

Browse the volumes as published
Browse the volumes in the order in which the parish and county reports were published.


Browse/view the scanned pages and transcribed text.


Print a page using a printer friendly option or download whole parishes as a PDF.


Bookmark a parish
It is possible to bookmark a parish and return directly to it at a later date.

Bookmark a citation
It is possible to bookmark a page citation. This means the page is accessible from the user's browser without the need to log on to the Statistical Accounts and re-run a search.


Copy and Paste
It is possible to copy and paste text from transcribed text pages into other software packages.

Link from each parish to the Gazetteer for Scotland

The Gazetteer for Scotland is a vast geographical encyclopaedia, featuring details of towns, villages, bens and glens from the Scottish Borders to the Northern Isles. The first comprehensive gazetteer produced for Scotland since 1885, it includes tourist attractions, industries and historical sites, together with histories of family names and clans, biographies of famous Scots and descriptions of historical events associated with Scotland. The network of connections between all of these entries makes this gazetteer unique. Visitors will also find included the text of Groome's 19th Century Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland in the entries to provide a historical perspective.

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